How to decipher the chassis and engine code on the Volkswagen Type 2



Ok. We all now know everything there is to know about the history of Beetles and Buses, don't we?

BUT, oh bugger! Which model of Volkswagen type 2 do I have?

 It is really simple and I am going to show you here how to do it, and then when you bore all your non-VW loving friends about heater channels and that mints are for sucking, you can pop in oh by the way mines a 231 000 001. Sound impressive wouldn't it. NO??

Well it would be useful when ordering parts , and I'd think it was kinda cool, but then that doesn't say a lot.

Right, Which model do you have?

1 - Panel Van

2 - Microbus ( 7 or 9 seats)

3 - Kombi (van with windows)

4 - Deluxe microbus (same with the seats)

5 - Pickup

6 - Crewcab


Lets take the chassis number I made up earlier, 231 000 001. The last 6 digits are fairly random, we're interested in the first 3.

2 - Means it's a type 2, Beetles all start with 1

3 - look at the chart above, it means it's a Kombi

1 - this digit is the year, so 1971.

The last digit is often the confusing one so I'll elaborate, 1968 would be 238 000001, but a 1978 would be 238 200 001, get it?





The T1 and T2 engine number can usually be found stamped on the top of the engine, right below the generator stand.

The T4 engine code is on the top of the crankcase above the cooling fan.


Code CC BHP Ports
B 1600 47 Single
AD 1600 50 Twin
AS 1600 50 Twin



CA/B/D 1700 66
AP 1800 68
CJ 2000 70
GD/E 2000 70


So there you have it, we all know what it means now.

Don't We?    




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