Welcome to the Volkswest Crewzers website. We formed in

 2003, as a club for like minded people, who share a common

 passion for air-cooled Vee Dubs. We regularly attend Vanfest,

 and go on Crewz' as often as possible. We have a varied crowd,

from the 'knowledgeable', to the 'just love the cars', and we have a

special little sub-group, 'Dafyd Division', which at present only

consists of 2 members, but more are welcome to join. There are no membership fees, stickers are available but you need to pop into

the workshop for one of those little beauts, we can get T-Shirts

printed, but are not essential, we just love our vee dubs and love

driving them (when they are not broken).

To join simply send an e-mail here, click on send and enjoy.

If you would like to join us on our next Crewz,  click on the

flashing heart below for more details.


Click here to see all the members and their rides




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