Beetles Through The Years.

1940 (1 Jan 40 to 31 Dec 40)
    Chassis: 1-00,001 - 1-01,000 
    Engine: 1-00,001 - 1-01,000
22bhp 5.8:1 compression 985cc
1941 (1 Jan 41 to 31 Dec 41
    Chassis: 1-01,001 - 1-05,656 
    Engine: 1-01,001 - 1-06,251
No changes noted. 
1942 (1 Jan 42 to 31 Dec 42)
    Chassis: 1-05,657 - 1-014,383 
    Engine: 1-06,252 - 1,017,113
No changes noted. 
1943 (1 Jan 43 to 31 Dec 43)
    Chassis: 1-014,1-0032,302 
    Engine: 1-017,114 - 1-045,707
25bhp 5.8:1 compression 1100cc
1944 (1 Jan 44 to 31 Dec 44)
    Chassis: 1-032,305 - 1-051,999 
    Engine: 1-045,708 - 1-077,683
No changes noted. 
1945 (1 Jan 45 to 31 Dec 45)
    Chassis: 1-052,0001-053,814 
    Engine: 1-077,683 - 1-079,093
No changes noted.
1946 (1 Jan 46 to 31 Dec 46)
    Chassis: 1-053,815 - 1-063,796 
    Engine: 1-079,094 - 1-090,732
Pushrod tubes get compressible corrugated ends, replacing springs. Fuel tank raised. Grease nipple introduced on brake cables. Tyres increase from 4.5x16 to 5.0x16. 
1947 (1 Jan 47 - 31 Dec 47)
    Chassis: 1-063,797 - 1-072,743 
    Engine: 1-090,733 - 1-0100,788
Reinforced ball bearings on rear hubs. Spare wheel secured with bracket for chain and lock. Fan housing has manually adjusted flap which closes half of air-intake (summer/winter setting). Chassis number punched on tunnel between gear lever and handbrake lever. 
1948 (1 Jan 48 to 31 Dec 48)
    Chassis: 072.744 - 091,921 
    Engine: 100,789 - 122,649
Pope's nose' licence plate light. Steering column has longitudinal groove for steering lock. Modified brake drums. 
1949 (1 Jan 49 to 31 Dec 48)
    Chassis: 091,922 - 138,554 
    Engine: 122,650 - 169,913
Solex carburettor standard. Domed top on air filter. Inlet manifold support. Front torsion bars transposed - 5 in lower tube, 4 in upper tube. Exhaust valves get case hardened stems. Elektron gearbox casing replaces magnesium alloy. Fuse box relocated to inner left hand front wing. Pressing for number plate on engine lid dropped. Fuel tank shape altered, no gauge strainer fitted. Filler cap gets VW emblem. Cylinders have higher phosphor content. Brown rubber mats in front foot wells, sitting on rubber floor pan covering. Brake cables get Mipolam sheeting. Larger roller for accelerator pedal. Two types of shock absorbers available Boge or Hemscheidt. Pull cable bonnet release.

Additional Contributions:

    First sales in US. US Models: Crank starter hole dropped (John H. 7/14/98)
    Grooved bumpers with flared guards introduced, Deluxe interior featured ivory dash panels an knobs, 8 day clock, two spoke steering wheel, rear bolster pillows. (per Hot VWs, Sept '98 issue) 
1950 (1 Jan 50 to 31 Dec 50)
    Chassis: 138,655 - 220,133 
    Engine: 169,913 - 265,999
Small emblem hubcap replaced big emblem. 5 torsion leaves in each tube. Gaskets between cylinders and heads. Bosch headlights replace VW item on saloon and cabriolet. Tailpipe increased from 31 to 32mm. Inlet manifold now made of light alloy. Small cut-outs in tops of door windows. Hydraulic brakes on export saloons and cabriolets. Automatic engine cooling control by bellows. Brake master cylinder reduced from 22.2mm to 19.5mm. Rear brake cylinders reduced from 19.05mm to 15.9mm. carburettor fitted without hinged float from chassis 213301 to 213455. Optional cloth sunroof. Hole for external crank handle discontinued on Cabriolet in late 50. Heat riser added to intake manifold. Offset wrist pin to reduce piston slap. Stronger alloys for exhaust valves and inserts.

Additional Contributions:

    US Models: Ashtray introduced on dash board and right rear interior panel. (John H. 7/14/98)
    Noise mufflers added to heating ducts. (Bill B. 7/22/98)
    "T" style heater knob with 90 degree rotation to lock in place. (per Hot VWs, Sept '98 issue) 
1951 (1 Jan 51 to 31 Dec 51)
    Chassis: 220,134 - 313,829 
    Engine: 265,000 - 379,470
Chrome moulding to windshield. Wolfsburg crest on front hood. Vent flaps to front quarter panels on export models. Double acting shockers replace rear lever shockers. Glove box door added to convertibles. Single valve springs replace double springs. 
1952 (1 Jan 52 to 31 Dec 52)
    Chassis: 318,830 - 428,156 
    Engine: 379,472 - 519,258
Crankshaft end play adjusted by 3 shims. Tyre size changes from 5.00x16 to 5.6x15. Six leaved torsion bars increase suspension travel. New instrument panel from October. 26PCI(or 28PCI?) carburettor in late 52. Transmission has 3 synchro gears (2nd, 3rd, 4th) replacing old crash box. Window crank range reduced from 10.5 to 3.5 turns. Vent windows. Vent flaps in quarter panels discontinued. Rotary heater knob introduced. T type engine lid handle introduced. Two brake/taillights replace single unit. Interior light moved to left side door pillar. Bigger, stronger bumpers. Self parking wipers. Crank starter hole discontinued on all models. Widened body side trim Oval horn grill to front. Redesigned "Pope's nose" number plate light.

additional Contributions:

    Glove box gets door. (Bill B. 7/22/98)
    Turn signal control moved to steering wheel from dashboard. (per Hot VWs, Sept '98 issue) 
1953 (1 Jan 53 to 31 Dec 53)
    Chassis: 428,157 - 575,414 
    Engine: 519,259 - 695,281
After 10 March, split rear window became one-piece oval, and fuel filler neck increased from 40 to 80mm. Lock button added to vent windows. Chrome plated ash tray handle. Adjustable door striker plates. Altered 3rd and 4th gear ratios. Valve clearance changed to .004" Late in 53 carburettor with both vacuum and mechanical advance. Generator increased to 160 watts. Break-in period for new engine dropped. 8 leaves in each torsion bar tube.

additional Contributions:

    Brake fluid reservoir under spare tire. (John H. 7/14/98) 
1954 (1 Jan 54 to 31 Dec 54)
    Chassis: 575,415 - 781,884 
    Engine: 695,283 - 945,525
1192(1200)cc engine, 36hp, 6.1:1 compression. Larger intake valves. Altered cylinder heads better cooling. 28PCI carburettor. Starter switch moved to ignition switch. Three way interior light. 6.6:1 compression introduced late 54. Oil bath air cleaner. Better fabric for seats. Rear seat gets rubber strap so it does not flip forward whilst braking. additional Contributions:
    Lens in top of taillight housing ("heart" taillights. US only?) (John H. 7/14/98) 
1955 (1 Jan 55 to 31 Dec 55)
    Chassis: 781,885 - 1,060,929 
    Engine: 945,527 - 1,277,347
Flashing blinkers replace semaphores. Top window in tail light housing dropped. Gear lever moved forward. Dished steering wheel. 
1956 (1 Jan 56 to 31 Dec 57)
    Chassis: 1,060,930 - 1,394,119 
    Engine: 1,277,347 - 1,678,209
Optional sunroof changed from cloth to plastic (and is smaller). Tail light housing raised 2 inches, and has only one window. Gear shift handle is curved. Bumper overiders added. Export models get dual chrome exhaust pipes (black enamel on standard models). Front seats made wider, with 3 position adjustable backs. Steering wheel spoke moved off-centre. Heater knob moved forward. Larger fuel tank with more luggage space - flatter top, deeper bottom. Fuel filler neck reduced from 80 to 60mm. New jack able to lift whole side of car (two wheels). Ground clearance on export models reduced to 155mm. New vinyl/cloth door panels. Larger oil pump mounting shaft. Fuel filter tap removed. Copper plated fulcrum plates in universals. Increased starter motor horsepower. Tubeless tires. Late 56 front floor heater outlets moved rearward. 
1957 (1 Jan 57 to 31 Dec 57)
    Chassis: 1,394,120 - 1,774,680 
    Engine: 1,678,210 - 2,158,321
Optional sunroof gets smaller again. Oil galleries in engine get bigger. Ring and Pinion ration changed. Better sound deadening to engine compartment. Tubeless tires. Brake pedal redesigned for more leverage. Adjustable striker plates in door frames. 
1958 (1 Jan 58 - 31 Dec 58)
    Chassis: 1,774,681 - 2,226,206 
    Engine: 2,156,322 - 2,721,313
Larger windshield. Squarer rear window. Frame head reinforced. New instrument panel. Larger wiper blades sweep more windscreen. Front blinkers moved to top of mud guards (fenders). Engine lid redesigned. Flat accelerator pedal replaces roller type. Convertibles get horizontal air inlets. New dished steering wheel. Wider brake drums and shoes. New clutch, stronger springs. 3rd and 4th gear ratios changed. Oil bath air cleaner taller but smaller diameter. 
1959 (1 Jan 59 to 31 Dec 59)
    Chassis: 2,226,207 - 2,801,613 
    Engine: 2,721,314 - 3,424,453
Outer front suspension control arm bushings become needle rollers. Frame reinforced for more strength. Front anti sway bar added. Improved fan belt. Stronger clutch springs. Modified heater junction box. Exhaust system modified with conical asbestos seals between exhaust pipes and muffler. Hub cap removal tool included in tool kit.
1960 (1 Jan 60 to 31 Dec 60)
    Chassis: 2,801,614 - 3,192,506 
    Engine: 3,424,454 - 3,912,903
Recessed steering wheel for safety, with semi circle horn ring. Steering damper. Steering box is worm-and-peg instead of worm and roller. Generator increased from 160 to 180 watts (26.5 to 30 amps). Crank/generator pulley ratio reduced from 1:2 to 1:1.75. Outside door handles now push button (was pull type). Padded sun visor. Seat back re-contoured. Wolfsburg crest on front hood has less colour. 28PCI carburettor has vacuum only advance for distributor. Anti roll bar to front suspension. Late 59 valve head strengthened where it welds to valve head. 
1961 (1 Aug 60 to 31 July 62)
    Chassis: 3,192,507 - 4,010,994
    Engine: 3,912,904-3,924,022
                5,000,001 - 5,958,947

     Note the change in the model year dates.

1200cc engine, 40bhp (SAE), 34BHP(DIN), 7:1 compression. Fuel pump relocated to right of distributor. Generator stand now separate from block. Lifter and pushrods no longer one-piece units. Valves are angled in heads. 28 PICT carburettor with auto-choke. Front and rear shock absorbers are softer. Fully synchromesh transmission. Vacuum advance distributor. Positive crankcase ventilation (spiral grove in crankshaft behind crank pulley). Flatter fuel tank. 28 blade cooling fan. Tie rod ends permanently greased'. Sissy bar added. Non-repeat starter switch. Wider front shoes and linings. Transparent brake fluid reservoir. Pump type windshield washer. Push-on wiring connectors. Larger heater pipes. Sun visor and grab handle for passenger. Rubber covers on running boards colour matched for some body colours.

additional Contributions:

    Non-repeat starter switch. (John H. 7/14/98) 
1962 (1 Aug 61 to 31 July 62)
    Chassis: 4,010,995 - 4,846,835 
    Engine: 3,924,023-3,924,914
                5,958,948 - 6,935,203 
Fuel gauge replaces reserve tap. Tail light glass' now plastic. Spring balance to front hood. Sliding covers on heater outlets. Progressive valve springs. Anchor points for seat belts. Stronger clutch springs. Clutch operating lever gets circlip retainer instead of clamp screw. Adjustable tie rods on export model. Cooling thermostat temperature changed from 75-80c to 65-70c. Gear knob conical and smaller. Windshield washer uses spare tire for air pressure. Last year of semaphores on non-US models. Larger taillights. Breather pipe moved from air intake to air cleaner body. Standard model gets hydraulic brakes. Door hinges get three screws instead of four. 
1963 (1 Aug 62 to 31 July 63)
    Chassis: 4,846,836 - 5,677,118 
    Engine: 3,942,915-3,959,303
                6,935,204 - 7,893,118 
Fresh air heating replaces stale air heating. Engine gets redesigned fan housing, muffler and heat exchangers. Leatherette head lining replaces wool cloth. Folding handle for sunroof. Nylon window guides. Foam sandwich floor mats. Wolfsburg crest discontinued. Improved rubber bush to spring plate. Clutch cable shortened 10mm. 28PICT carburettor accelerator pump stroke increase from 1.1 to 1.4cc. Heat resistance clutch springs. Folding handle for sunroof. Nylon window guides. Hubcaps loose black highlighting. 

additional Contributions:

    "VW" emblem on upper hood, centre near windshield (John H. 7/14/98) 
1964 (1 Aug 63 to 31 July 64)
    Chassis: 5,677,119 - 6,502,399 
    Engine: 3,959,304-3,972,440
                7,893,119 - 8,796,622 
Metal sunroof, crank operated. Horn has two buttons instead of half ring. Vacuum pipe changed from loop to inverted V' bend. Larger front turn signals. Larger licence plate light. Aerated vinyl material for seats. 28PICT/1 carburettor in late 64. Rear Hoesch shock absorbers get PVC protective tubes. Oil bath air cleaner modified on bottom to accommodate enlarged auto choke. 
1965 (1 Aug 64 to 31 July 65)
    Chassis: 115,000,001 - 115,999,200 
    Engine: 3,972,441-4,050,000
                8,796,623 - 9,800,000 
Note new type of chassis number. The first digit 1' denotes type 1 (beetle). The third digit (5) indicates the model year 1965.

Master and wheel cylinders redesigned. New cooling air control with flaps under fan (formerly annular ring inside fan). Improved heater. Lever type heater controls. Slightly curved flat' windscreen, all windows bigger. Slimmer door posts and windscreen posts. Window vent has lock moved to bottom. More powerful wiper motor, and longer blades with tension spring (previously compression spring). Thinner, more contoured front seats (increased rear leg room). Rear seat folds flat. Engine lid catch now pushbutton. Swivelling sun visors. Convertibles have dome light in rear view mirror assembly. Warm air hose from fan shroud increased from 55 to 60mm. Heat exchangers get ribbed exhaust pipes. Clutch plate hub modified with phosphate sliding splines. Steering worm has marking ring for adjustment. Standard model gets synchromesh on all four gears. Rocker arm outer oil drilling is welded shut. 1200 standard model gets breather between crankcase and air cleaner. Recommended spark plugs are Champion L86Y, Bosch W175t1 or Beru 175/14. 

1966 (1 Aug 65 to 31 July 66)
    Chassis: 116,000,001 - 116,1021,300 
    Engine: D 0,000,001 - D 0,095,049 1200 34bhp (DIN)
                E 0,000,001 - E 0,006,000 1300 37bhp (DIN)
                F 0,000,001 - F 0,940,716 1300 40bhp (DIN) 
Note new type of engine numbers. The prefix denotes the engine type. 1300 engine introduced. "1300" badge on engine lid. 30PICT/1 carburettor. Cam bearing shells added to engine. Emergency blinker switch. Ventilated wheel slots and flatter hub caps. Bigger rear view mirror. Headlight dimmer moved to turn signal lever. Centre dashboard defroster outlet. Horn ring - semi circle. Ball joint front suspension replaces king pins. Improved torsion bars 10 leaves in each tube, and distance between tubes increased from 120mm to 150mm. Tapered roller wheel bearings replace ball bearings. Anti-burst door locks. Safety lock for front seat backrests. 1300 with 30PICT/1 carburettor has longer accelerator pump connecting rod. 
1967 (1 Aug 66 to 31 Jul 67)
    Chassis: 117,000,001 - 117,999,000 
    Engine: D 0,095,050 - D 0,234,014 34bhp(DIN)1200
                E 0,006,001 - E 0,014,000 37bhp(DIN)1300(US-M240smog)
                F 0,940,717 - F 1,237,506 40bhp(DIN)1300 
                L 0,000,001 - L 0,019,335 40bhp(DIN)1500(US-M240smog)
                H 0,204,001 - H 0,874,199 44bhp(DIN)1500 
1500 engine introduced - similar to type 2 (bus, kombi) engine, but without the rear cross member mounting point. Oil pressure relief valve gets annular groove. "Volkswagen" badge on engine lid. 12 volt electrics. Fuse box increased from 8 to 10 fuses. Generator increased from 180 to 360 watts. Voltage regulator under rear seat. Rear track increased with wider swing axles to 1350mm. Clutch diameter increased from 180 to 200mm. 130 tooth ring gear (flywheel) replaces 109 tooth. Dual brake cylinder system (drum brakes). Front discs (single circuit) on 1500 models to some countries (not US). Outside door handle has round push button (different from previous years). Inside door handles recessed. Two speed wipers. Back-up lights (on US models). Vertical headlights replace sloped glass (non bubble, "upright" headlights like later years). US models get sealed beam headlights. Locking buttons on doors. Driver's armrest on door. Slimmer chrome trim on outside. Driver's outside mirror becomes standard. Rear anti-sway bar added. Brake fluid reservoir on 1500 raised after November 66.

Additional Contributions:

    Front turn signals now incorporate parking lights, from chassis #117 442 503 front seat release high up on back of seat instead of down by hinge. (John H. 7/14/98) 
1968 (1 Aug 67 to 31 Jul 68)
    Chassis: 118,000,001 - 118,1016,100 
    Engine: D 0,234,014 - D 0,382,979 34bhp(DIN)1200 
                E 0,014,001 - E 0,015,981 37bhp(DIN)1300(US-M240smog)
                F 1,237,507 - F 1,296,298 40bhp(DIN)1300 
                L 0,019,337 - L 0,021,115 40bhp(DIN)1500(US-M240smog)
                H 0,874,200 - H 1,003,255 44bhp(DIN)1500(not to US) 
                H 5,000,001 - H 5,414,585 44bhp(DIN)1500(US- M157 smog) 
Auto-stick shift option with double joint rear axles (but not anti-sway bars) added as an option. New bumpers - larger, stronger. Engine lid has flatter bottom to clear bumpers. Hubcaps made flatter. Plastic, padded dashes (US models only?). Large black knob added to vent window opener. Matching flat black knobs for interior controls including symbols denoting functions. Gear change lever now straight. Four stud wheels replace 5 stud pattern. Bigger front brakes (drum brake model). Bigger rear brakes - from 30 to 40mm. Dual circuit brakes for all except 1200 model. Solex 30PICT/2 carburettor with larger float chamber on 1500. Fuel filler moved outside to behind right front fender. Brake fluid reservoir moved from under spare tire to left side of front luggage area. Fuel gauge combined with speedo. Fuel gauge is now electrical. Oil warning light now red. Outside door handle has squeeze trigger. Larger flat bottom' tail lights. Head restraints built into front seat backs (US models only?). Collapsible steering column. US models have exhaust emission control. Front hood release moved into glove compartment, and fuel door release is inside from late 68. New fresh air system with air grill just in front of windscreen. Horn grills discontinued. Black rubber on all running boards - no colour matching. Water bottle behind spare wheel with pressure supplied by spare wheel air. Wiper half spigot increased from 5 to 7 mm. Ignition switch mounted on steering column. Tail pipes reduced from 176 to 249mm. In October 67, air preheat gets thermostat regulator. From December 67, fuel tank breather pipe is now inside tank instead of across top of tank. From January 68 engine studs get corrosion resistant coating, and parts of cylinder heads get clear coating. Hazard warning lights introduced. In May 1968, engines get a sticker on fan housing for ignition setting, Rocker cover gaskets changed from Flexolit to compressed cork. Steering knuckle inner tap roller bearing changed from 27 to 29mm, and track rod end spigot increased from 12 to 14mm.

additional Contributions:

    Hood handle gets push button, reverse lights integrated into taillights. Hood release moved to glove box late in model year. (John H. 7/14/98) 
1969 (1 Aug 68 to 31 Jul 69)
    Chassis: 119,000,001 - 119,1200,000 
    Engine: D 0,382,980 - D 0,525,049 34bhp(DIN)1200 
                E 0,015,982 - E 0,020,021 37bhp(DIN)1300(US-M240smog)
                F 1,462,599 - F 1,778,163 40bhp(DIN)1300 
                L 0,021,115 - L 0,024,106 40bhp(DIN)1500(US-M240smog)
                H 1,003,256 - H 1,124,668 44bhp(DIN)1500(not to US) 
                H 5,414,586 - H 5,900,000 40bhp(DIN)1500(US-M157 smog) 
Double joint rear axles on all US models (but not elsewhere). Dual front circuit discs (but not US models). Warning lights in speedo get letters for identification. Day/night rear view mirror (US models). Steering lock included in ignition lock. Floor hot air vents moved slightly rearward. Speedo gets 1/10th mile indicator in late 69. Semi-auto transmission available. Front lid release moved inside glove box. Cable pull fuel filler flap.

additional Contributions:

    Electric rear window defroster grid. (John H. 7/14/98) 
1970 (1 Aug 69 to 31 July 70)
    Chassis: 110,2000,001 - 110,3100,000 
    Engine: D 0,525,050 D 0,674,999 34bhp(DIN)1200 
                E 0,020,022 - E 0,022,000 37bhp(DIN)1300(US-M240smog)
                F 1,778,164 - F 2,200,000 40bhp(DIN)1300 
                L 0,024,107 - L 0,026,500 40bhp(DIN)1500(US-M240smog)
                H 1,124,699 - H 1,350,000 44bhp(DIN)1500(not to US) 
                B 6,000,001 - B 6,600,000 47bhp 1600 (to US) 
US models get 1600cc engine. US models get larger rear turn signals with side reflectors on housing and larger front turn signals. Two sets of air intake slots added to engine lid. Pressure control valve added to lubrication system. Solex 30PICT/3 carburettor on 1600 models (30PICT/2 continues on 1500 models). Diaphragm clutch springs to 1600 models - requires less pedal pressure. US head restraints reduced in size. On US models, buzzer sounds when door opened with key still in ignition. New 3rd, 4th gears with finer teeth (reduced noise) added late 70. Optional luxury package L' on 1300 and 1500 models (not on 1200). Dashboard moulding discontinued. Road wheels now painted silver. Speedo casing in silver instead of chrome. Carburettor pre-heater air moved from left cylinder heads to right. In Jan 1970, Fuel tanks clamps get rounded edges, McPherson strut suspension available. Jack moved to under rear seat. Stronger bumper brackets get integral towing bracket at left rear. Crescent shaped cabin air vents added behind rear quarter windows. 1302S gets front discs as per 1500. Front drums on 1302 (with 1200 or 1300 engine) increased to 248mm diameter and 45mm width.

additional Contributions:

    Lockable glove box (US only?) . Crescent shaped cabin air vents behind rear quarter windows did not appear in the US until the '71 model year. McPherson strut suspension may have been available in Europe in '70 but was not in US until the debut of the Super Beetle as a '71 model. '71 models may have been available as early as Aug.. 1970 in the US however .(John H. 7/14/98) 
1971 (1 Aug 70 to 31 July 71)
    Chassis: 111,2000,001 - 111,3200,000 
    Engine: D 0,675,000 - D 0,835,006 
                AC 0,000,001 - AC 0,003,239 40bhp(DIN)1300 
                AB 0,000,001 - AB 0,141,591 44bhp(DIN)1300 
                AF 0,000,001 - AF 0,000,444 46bhp(DIN)1600 
                AD 0,000,001 - AD 0,360,022 50bhpDIN 65bhpSAE 1600 
                AE 0,000,001 - AE 0,558,000 47bhpDIN 60bhpSAE 1600(USA)
Dual port 1600 engine. Three part induction manifold. Better quality alloy used in crankcase. Solex 34PICT/3 carburettor. Combination vacuum/centrifugal distributor (double vacuum and retarded ignition on US models AE engines). Activated charcoal filter to catch fuel fumes. New larger oil cooler mounted doghouse' style venting to atmosphere gives better cooling to No 3 cylinder. Bigger capacity cooling fan. New clutch throw-out assembly and ball release bearing. Headlights go off when ignition off. Crescent vents behind rear window for improved cabin ventilation. Bigger front brakes- 248mm dia x 45mm (drum brake models). Towing eye added to front torsion bars on 1200 and 1300 models from Nov 70.

First year for Super Beetle: Re-designed front end with McPherson strut suspension, louvered front apron (Standard beetle still in production too). 

additional Contributions:

    Crescent vents behind rear quarter windows in US. NOTE: Non-louvered Super front aprons were and still are available from aftermarket suppliers in the US and may be found on some Supers. All models get "3 point" front seat mounts. (John H. 7/14/98) 
1972 (1 Aug 71 to 31 July 72)

Chassis: 112,2000,001- 112,3200,000 (or might be 112,2961,362)
Engine: D 0,835,007 - D 1,000,000 
            AC 0,003,240 - AC 0,006,700 
            AB 0,350,001 - AB 0,699,001 
            AF 0,000,445 - AF 0,000,801 
            AE 0,558,001 - AE 0,917,263 
            AH 0,000,001 - AH 0,005,900 47 bhp(DIN)1600(USA) 
            AD 0,360,023 - AD 0,598,001 

Engine lid gets 4 sets of air slots. Smog control models get extra plumbing (both studs and supers). Windscreen wiper switch mounted on steering column stalk. New steering column. New distributor with vacuum retard (5 degrees ATDC) at idle. EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) added for California cars. New muffler. Modified 3rd and 4th synchro rings to reduce noise. "Baja bug" introduced. Karman Ghia gets disc front brakes in US (already from 67 in other countries). Wheels change from 5.6x15 to 6.0x15 in late 72. Larger rear window. Collapsible hub steering wheel. Hinged parcel shelf over rear luggage area. Restyled speedo. Clutch operating arm lengthened in Sept 71.


1973 (1 Aug 72 to 31 July 73)

Chassis: 113,200,001 - 113,3200,000
    VW1303 133,300,001- 133,3200,000 
Engine: D 1,000,001 - D 1,115,873 
            AC 0,006,701 - AC 0,008,195 
            AB 0,699,002 - AB 0,990,000 
            AF 0,000,802 - AF 0,036,768 
            AE 0,917,264 - AE 1,000,000 (to 1 Oct 72) 
            AK 0,000,001 - AK 0,239,364 (from 1 Oct 72) 
            AH 0,005,901 - AH 0,114,418 
            AD 0,598,002 - AD 0,990,000 

Reduced horsepower in US models (60 to 58 SAE). 600 watt (50 amp) alternator replaces generator in mid year. Improved intake pre-heating for faster cold weather warm-up. Engine case near No3/flywheel are reinforced to prevent cracking. Softer transmission mounting. Softer clutch. Porsche style pressure plate. Oil drain plug removed from oil strainer cover plate. New fuel pump (with cut-off valve) to clear alternator. Paper air filter. New lifetime lubricated' front and rear wheel bearings. Redesigned fresh air system. New interior light assembly. Stronger bumpers. Large round tail lights added.. Sports Bug' option. New front seats with multiple adjustment.

Supers get: Larger curved windscreen and smaller front lid to luggage compartment. New dash.

additional Contributions:

    Front turn signals larger. (John H. 7/14/98) 
1974 (1 Aug 73 to 31 July 74)

Chassis: 114,200,001 - 114,2999,000 
    VW1303 134,200,001 - 134,2999,000 
Engine: D 1,115,874 - D 1,284,228 
            AR 000,001 - AR 121,271 44bhp(DIN)1300 
            AS 000,001 - AS 171,566 50bhp(DIN)1600 

Self restoring energy absorbing bumpers. Quieter muffler. New cylinder head alloy for better heat dissipation. "Softer" steering wheel to improve safety. Smaller front headrests give better rear vision. Computer sensor pressed into top of block to give TDC. Computer sensor for ignition voltage. Seat belt ignition interlock. Seat belt and brake warning light combined. Super beetle and convertible have slight negative king pin offset. Super beetle has square glove box knob. Warning light for hand brake. Ghia has thicker front disc pads. Last year of Ghia in the US. Internal regulator to alternator in late 74, distributor gets vacuum and centrifugal advance. 

additional Contributions:

    Wider track for front (new strut arrangement) and rear wheels, steering wheel collapses (even more) (John H. 7/14/98) 
1978 (1 Aug 77 to 31 July 78)
    Chassis: 118,2000,001 - 118,2100,001 (to 1 Jan 78) Cabrio 158,2000,001 - 158,2100,000 (to 1 Jan 78) 
    Engine: D 1,415,741 - D 1,431,112 34bhp(DIN)1200 AS 526,949 - AS 610,029 50bhp(DIN)1600 AJ 0,119,688 - AJ 0,132,850 50bhp(DIN)1600(L-Jet FI) 
"Champaign Edition 11" introduced.
1979 (1 Aug 78 to 31 July 79)

Chassis: 119,2100,001 - 119,2150,000
    Cabrio 159,2000,001 - 159,2036,062 
Engine: D 1,431,113 - D 1,432,179 34bhp(DIN)1200 
            AS 610,030 - 691,913 50bhp(DIN)1600 
            AJ 132,851 - AJ 143,096 50bhp(DIN)1600(L-Jet FI) 

Intermittent wiper control added. "Epilogue" edition released. Last year of convertible in the US. 
1980 (1 Aug 79 to 31 July 80)

Chassis: 11A,000,001 - 11A , 0020,000
    Cabrio 159,2036,063 - 159,2043,534 (to 31 Dec 79) 
Engine: D 1,432,180 - D 1,432,811 34bhp(DIN)1200 
            AS 0,691,914 - AS 0,693,274 (to 31 Dec 80)50bhp(DIN)1600 
            AJ 0,143,097 - AJ 0,149,567 (to 31 Dec 80)(L-Jet FI) 

No changes noted.
1981 (1 Aug 80 to 31 July 81)

Chassis: 11B,000,001 - 11B,013,340 
Engine: D 1,432,812 - D 1,479,924 34bhp(DIN)1200 

No changes noted.
1982 (1 Aug 81 to 31 July 82)

Chassis: 11C, 000,001 - 11C 009,836 
Engine: D 1,479,925 - D 1,489,780 34bhp(DIN)1200 

No changes noted.
1983 (1 Aug 82 to 31 July 83)

Chassis: 11D,000,001 - 11D,017,323 
Engine: D 1,489,761 - D 1,507,088 

No changes noted. 
1984 (1 Aug 83 to 31 July 84)

Chassis: 11E,000,001 - 11E 020,000 
Engine: D 1,507,084 - D 1,523,896 34bhp(DIN)1200 

No changes noted. 
1985 (1 Aug 84 to 31 July 85) 

Chassis: 11F,000,001 - 11F,020,000 
Engine: D 1,523,897 - .... 34bhp(DIN)1200 

No changes noted. 


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